Welcome – Counselling and Therapy for Adults in Edinburgh

Welcome. My name is Rachel and I am an integrative therapist working with adults in person in Edinburgh. I have been working as a therapist since 2012 and in private practice since 2015. I also worked for ten years as a volunteer counsellor for one of the largest agencies in Edinburgh.

I originally trained at Edinburgh University where I was drawn to the psychodynamic way of understanding human “being-ness”, with its exploration of how our past experiences (even in the womb) may be affecting us in the present, determining many of the choices we make, often below our conscious awareness. The psychodynamic approach is a way of looking under the surface of what is happening and not taking things totally at face value. This means that distressing symptoms such as depression, panic attacks or at times even physical complaints have meaning, that is they can be seen as important messages from our nervous system. I see part of my work as helping you the client to decode and explore those messages.

I am drawn to mindfulness and embodiment practices which sit well with my original training. These practices have benefited my own life and I have seen that they can also benefit clients. I continue to explore these life-enhancing ways of working and have completed a Diploma in Relational Mindfulness from the Karuna Institute, a Certificate in Somatic Trauma therapy with Babette Rothschild and a Certificate in Embodied Psychotherapy.

I have an interest in working with people in a state of crisis but also those who consider their problems are not serious enough for therapy. I am also open to working with people of all backgrounds and beliefs and also those whose first language is not English.

Some of the difficulties I have experience in working with are

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationship difficulties
  • states of crisis
  • work issues
  • states of meaninglessness
  • cross-cultural issues
  • feelings of unworthiness, shame or self-hatred
  • grief and loss

Some of the benefits people can experience from therapy are

  • a greater sense of calm and ease
  • a greater sense of self-awareness
  • more clarity around relationships
  • increased sense of purpose and meaning

Phone: 07948 345 890  |   Email: contact@rmaiseycounselling.co.uk