Practical Information & Fees

How much does a session cost? I charge £45 for a 50 minutes session. This is payable by cheque or cash at the end of the session. Our first session gives you the chance to see if counselling is for you and if you feel comfortable with my way of working,

If we decide to work together, we will meet once a week (usually at the same time).

What happens during a session?

The aim of our initial meeting is to ensure that you feel comfortable talking to me and for me to have the opportunity to assess whether I am able to support you in what you are looking for from counselling. It may be that you are not totally sure what you are looking for and it often happens that different questions or issues can come up during the course of therapy.

How many sessions will I need?

Sometimes one meeting may not feel like enough time to decide whether you wish to commit to counselling. In this case we would continue our initial exploration over two sessions. After this, I usually like to agree to meet for 6 or 7 sessions. You may find that this is enough or you may wish to continue to meet over a longer period.

What happens if I want to finish?

Usually we can discuss when you feel you would like to end counselling and I would encourage you to voice any concerns. It is always useful to have a final session where we can review and have a clear ending.


I work from two venues in the city, we can discuss which venue and time would work for you when we make our first appointment.

My studio near the city centre, just off Pilrig Street


Salisbury Centre, EH16 5AB


If you need to cancel a session, we would look to re-arrange that session within five working days. If this is not possible, then the full fee will be charged.


I currently have daytime and evening slots available.

Phone: 07948 345 890  |   Email:

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