Issues I work with

Issues I work with

The most important aspect of therapy is the rapport between client and therapist. That you as a client feel safe, understood and respected. Some people even have an initial phone call or an appointment with 2 or 3 different therapists before deciding who to work with. If the therapeutic relationship is one of trust and safety, many difficulties become available for exploration.

I have a particular interest in how the past may be impacting us in the present, affecting our relationships with other people and with the world in general. I interested in working with those who are struggling but feel that their problems are not serious enough for therapy. Perhaps you may have a sense that something is missing or that “surely there is more to life than this?”.

I am also open to working with those who are in crisis, who may be experiencing a breakdown of meaning or identity in their lives and supporting people through this transition. When such experiences areĀ  not pathologised, they can be seen as the doorway to spiritual emergence or awakening. I am open to exploring this with people, in a safe and non-judgemental space, where thoughts and feelings may change from moment to moment and all is welcome.

Having worked with people from overseas for many years and having lived abroad, I also enjoy working with people from non-British backgrounds or if your first language is not English.

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